Thursday, June 30, 2011

...excited much?!...

It's finally Thursday!!! Which means, tomorrow's Friday and we'll be in Vegas!!! I've been all smiles today. I seriously CAN.NOT wait!!!

I'll soon be riding in a car for about five hours... probably listening to my husband sing like he [thinks he] knows how... to every song... including songs by NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera... or he'll be driving alone because I'll be dead asleep until we get there. I know... I'm the best co-pilot.

Then we'll [hopefully] lose some weight from all the walking we'll do in the blazing hot sun when it's time to go shopping. You KNOW I'll be stopping by the H&M there!

I thought about laying out by the pool while we're there... maybe getting a hot bikini or something to wear too... but WHY IN THE WORLD would I want to lay out next to anorexic girls who will be wearing pretty much nothing and are the size of my thigh?!? I wouldn't want to make them jealous of course with my hott thick bottom and map of the world that is permanently tattood on my mid section. I mean, who wouldn't be?!?! Plus I hate the sun and the aftermath of getting so dang dark! And you  never know... someone might rape my husband when I'm not looking. So I'm just gonna avoid the pool all together... hehehe.

Rihanna. Oh Rihanna. How I've longed to see you. Did you know that there are moments [maybe hours] during the day that I YouTube videos of you?! I told my sister that I'm gonna dye my hair just like yours and get extensions. I would flaunt my body in outfits like yours too but..... they probably only carry those in your triple-zero size. Oh, and please don't look that sexy on Saturday... I don't wanna catch my husband YouTubing you all day too!

As much as I wish we could take the kids with us on this trip... I'm really excited to spend it alone with Matt. We've both been on different schedules during the day and when we come home there just doesn't seem to be enough hours to do anything. Don't get me wrong, I love our schedules and everything we do,  we do it together but this will really give us some alone time. Just me and him. Not just a few hours like usual... we'll have three WHOLE days together. I'm soooooo ready for this weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

...could it be?!...

Thursday night started my weekend off just perfectly. About two weeks ago, Matt told me that one of his coaches wanted to have dinner with us last week. At first I was like, OKAAAAY... those are usually awkward because I know nothing about what they're talking about and most of the time I'm the only girl. But I didn't think much about it because if Matt was asking, then I knew he wanted to me go.

So Thursday rolls around and I kinda spaced it until he called me at work and reminded me. I asked if I really had to go because I really didn't want to... then he said "Well you have to because he's bringing his wife." Great. This'll be good.

After work we got home and just kinda laid around. I was trying to stall as long as I could, thinking that he'd let me stay home. But that didn't work. So I started getting ready and that wasn't very successful. You know when you have those days where you feel like... the pants you wore just yesterday can't button up today... or your hair looks so gross so you wash it and then it's not dry enough to straighten and you just added more work for you to do in the twenty minutes that have left to fix it... or your makeup looks like your six year old helped you because all of a sudden your hands aren't putting on your eye liner straight or you don't have anything to help cover up the four pimples you got over night....?!?! No?? Well, that's just a little of what was happening when I was trying to get ready that night! Then to top it off Matt was like, "Well he said it's a nice restaurant so I think you have to dress up." Oh, that's nice! What's dressing up in this case? Dressing up a casual outfit with heels or wearing a freakin dress?!? Ummmm... yea. Not helping. I must've changed about eight times until I just went with whatever I had on when Matt said "We gotta go." Ummhmmmm... not feelin' it at all!

So the whole way there, I was kinda being a Debbie Downer... telling him I didn't wanna go, my outfit was ugly, I felt so bloaded, I was so hungry but I wasn't about to stuff my face in front of these people... Yea, I wasn't a happy camper. I was even throwing a little attitude. All he said was, "You look nice baby. It feels good to dress up with you though..." I didn't even think about it much... I just sat there.

So we park the car in one of the undergound parkings Downtown... and we end up in the Joseph Smith building. I was like... "Where are we eating anyway... there's no restaurants in here." He just kept walking and said "Well, we have time, let's just go walk around and go upstairs and see the view." By that point I just wanted to get the dinner over with so I went along with him. So we go upstairs...look at the view... and then he wanted to take a picture. Ummmm, with the overnight pimples I got I was NOT tryna take any pictures! LOL But he just kept insisting... so he said he'd ask one of the hostesses in the restaurant (The Roof) to take our picture. I kept telling him... that's so lame, why would you do that?!?...

So we walk into the restaurant and the girl looks up and I whispered "OMG you're sucha dork" and after she said "Can I help you?" I laughed and started to say, "Oh no..." and Matt spoke over me and said, "Yea, I have a reservation for two under Matt Asiata." I looked at him and I was like... HUH?!?! And he said... "This is my dinner date with you..." OMH! You're kidding!!! Hahaha. I was like... So there's no coach?? And he's like... Nope just me and you!

It was so cute and totally caught me off guard. It was seriously the sweetest thing. He always tries to surprise me but I ALWAYS catch on... always. But this was just because.

We've probably had dinner there maybe five or six times since we've been together... it's not something we can afford all the time of course. We ate there twice in high school when we were dating and then maybe two or three times after that on Valentines. I think the last time we went was when I was pregnant with Fatboy! I remember because I couldn't fit! LOL.

But it was seriously a very much needed date... for the both of us. We stuffed our faces for the first fifteen minutes... laughed at EVERYTHING for the next hour and then stuffed as many rolls as we could! I swear we ate like twelve of them! Our poor waitress kept having to come back with extra butter and giving us two rolls each every time!

Just when I thought the night was over... he asked if I had fourth of July weekend off. He knows that I hate asking for days off at work but I did already have the 5th off for Lagoon when ALL of us are going together. He asked if I could get the Friday before off too. I was like, "Ummm not really! And why would I?!" He's like... "Well, I got you something. Tickets. To a concert." Seriously?! What concert would I possibly get days off of work for! Then he said.... "Rhianna."

OMFrG!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? I was like... You're lying...and he kept saying NO I really did... I couldn't believe it! I just kept saying... No really... LOL... Rhianna??!?!!? Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?!

Of course I kept asking, how? Why? Where? Are you lying?? But while I was asking him, I started tearing up... and then I just couldn't hold it in... I started crying! I know, lame. But so did HE!!! LOL. It was so weird. LOL. I was like... OMG what is happening?!?!?! We both just started laughing with tears rolling down our faces.

Seriously?! I dunno what got into this guy. And you're probably thinking... well how did he do it?! Don't you share finances?! Honestly, I don't know how he did. He KNOWS I wouldn't spend money on anything like this so he must've did some of that side work to pull this off! LOL. Whenever I ask he just says, Just trust me. I asked about the hotel, car, tickets... he just said... already took care of it. Really?!? Who are you?!?! :)

So... in two weeks... Matt and I will be taking a road trip to Vegas to see Rhianna!!!! :) I can't FUH'REAKIN WAIT!!!! We both haven't been to any concert like this so it'll be our first time together. And... as I mentioned before... I've been DYING to shop so I'll be doing some of that out there too!!  It'll be a GREAT weekend for sure! Vegas, Rhianna, 4th of July AND Lagoon... half the weekend with just me and my Niia... the other half with our babies and family. It's gonna be a good one that's for sure...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

...bday weekend...

This weekend my younger brother turned 21. We spent all weekend celebrating! Saturday morning we could've went to breakfast but we had dance practice and he was suppose to have a rugby game. So instead, we all met up at Braza for lunch... our family's FAVORITE spot. 

It was nice to just be together again... just us kids and my parents. Cass (Muka's girlfriend, my closest friend) and her sisters joined us of course. Even Rob was down this weekend. Sweetie Pie was the only one missing because she had to work but we ate enough for her too!

A few hours later we all met up to go bowling... one of Muka's favorite things to do. I think it was for his last birthday that Cass had bought him his own set of bowling gear! Yea, random. But it was fun. Again, just us siblings and some of Muka's other close friends.

Then of course we had to end the night with dessert... so we met Mom and them at Leatherby's right after bowling. I think we were there until almost midnight! Another favorite spot of ours. 

Then of course today Mom made a big lunch for everyone and we had lots of desserts! I didn't get any pictures because my phone died as soon as we left our house... but everyone knows Mom's cooking is always on point. We sang happy birthday again and just hung out all afternoon.

I cant' believe how old we're all getting, my siblings and I. But I love how close we are... especially now that we're older. It makes me want to have six kids all close in age so that when they all grow up, they'll be just as close as we are. I don't know how my parents did it but I'm glad they did.

Happy Birthday to the funniest, smartest, knows-every-line-to-every-movie brother ever...

Friday, June 10, 2011

...he would...

Yesterday I get this text from a friend and he sends me this picture...

...with this text: Me and my daughter was outside the Huntsman Center eating apples til this one kid came up and asked for some. Hahaha. No shame in Fatboy's game. That's what I'm talkin about.

Ummmm... yea. Talk about nervy.

Then later that night I get another text from the same friend with this picture...

Look at my niggah Fatboy in the back... This kid was crackin' me up today. Must be his Samoan side...Hahaha

I have no idea who this kid belongs to.
Not to mention... that doesn't even look like our car he's sitting on!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

...accessories & fit...

So I thought I'd try something different. I'm not big too big on keeping up on the latest fashion and stuff but I thought sharing cute things, outfits, shoes or whatever wouldn't be such a bad idea. So here's something I got last week at Forever 21:

It's an earpiece - literally - with some beads and a feather attached to it. It's sooooo cute! I saw it on the rack and when I went to purchase it, the girl at the coounter said they just got those in and most of them were gone! I think they're hott! You can see it better in the first picture but the second picture shows it in with my actual earring. You can't really see it in that one though but you get the picture right?! But isn't it cute?!?

Since I've been at the hotel, I've been having trouble finding the perfect slacks for work. I use to just buy black slacks from wherever... usually Charlotte Russe... but they'd either fit on top and be too short on the bottom or not have pockets or something. I swear I have thee worse luck with any kind of pants! Even jeans... I'm stuck between two sizes (depending on the day LOL) but they never seem to fit right. So I almost always end up in tights. Eh! TMI.

But I actually spent a bit on buying slacks from GAP just like two months ago exactly like these in the photo (black and grey). I was excited, so was Matt but not until I told him how much they were :)  I loved them when I tried them on at the store... and liked them when I wore them to work the first time. Now I hate them. Plus, the seams at the bottom ripped. I don't even wear them all the time and then one day I was at work and I looked down and I swore that one pant leg was longer than the other... and it was. Freak'in A!

So lately I've just been wearing skirts... the few that I have anyway! So here's an outfit. Again, the only time I dress up is when I'm going to work. Ocassionally I'll fix my hair, otherwise it's always [boring] straight.

It's just a blue button up with a black pencil skirt and these cute black [hooker] heels that I got at Charlotte Russe last year. I don't think they're hooker heels but some think otherwise. Accessories are a must I think. Necklaces I say you could probably go without... this one I just put that one on because it needed something. Bracelets and earrings I would say are a MUST and if it's one or the other I would choose earrings. I feel naked without em and I don't even have very many bracelets... just bundles of maybe three or four shades (colors) that I just mix and match with whatever I have on. I want to invest in more earrings but I always lose mine. I take em off before I actually change out of my work clothes and I either leave them in different purses only to find them when I decide to use that purse again... or I leave them wherever I am at the moment and forget... until i find one pair on the floor somewhere. Yea I never lose things, can you tell?

I wanna go shopping soon. I can't wait for Utah to open the H&M this fall! I'm over the same'o stuff... Unless I'm driving out to SouthTowne or something like that... but I hardly ever do that so I'm usually stuck with whatever. I love looking online for outfits or in magazines and stuff but when I go shopping for them, I get frustrated and I don't end up with anything. Do you ever feel like you spent a ton of money and then you come home and you put your stuff away and you're like... that's it?? Um. Yea. That's me. ALL THE TIME... well, the few times I do shop. Matt loves when I have those moments. Hehe. He thinks I'm crazy.

But anyways, there's my random post for the day. Something other than my family to blog about LOL

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

...graduation and then some...

Our babygirl is growing up way too fast. Nana gradauted from Kindergarden last week. I swear it felt like not too long ago me and Matt were tearing up waving good-bye to her on her first day of school! Now she'll be in first grade within the next few months going to school with her brother. OMG! BOTH in school?!?!? It's too much. I don't even feel like it's been this long...six years.
So crazy! I was just telling Matt the other day... soon Nana and I will be looking for each others things like him and Shawn always do. And yes I'm implying that me and Nana will be sharing the same things! Haha. The other night I couldn't find my hair spray until Nana came home and heard me ask for it again and she was like... "Oh, it's in my purse." Ummmhmmmm...

 I don't know if I'm ready for that yet though. Can I skip out on the "sex talk" too?? I guess it's better for her to hear it from her mom or ask questions rather than explore like her parents did! Hahaha. Okay just kidding because I don't think Matt will find that funny!

I can never really express how much this girl has changed our lives. Not just mine and Matts...everyone. The day she was born changed my life forever... in more than one way...physcially too obviously! Haha. Just kidding. But seriously, I've blogged about this before but she truly is a blessing. She's my little mini-me... she's got a little bit of me and Matt... you know that can't be good! Hah! But she carries it very well.

Now that she's off for the summer, I feel sorry for her aunties and Grandma that has to deal with all three of them alllllll day! But once school starts, they'll only have Shawnee home and then..... they'll be BEGGING for more babies!!!! Haha. Just kidding. Nana and I are the ones that want another baby... like I've said before... everyone else is against us! But it's okay... I can wait.

This week... will be interesting. Matt left to Omaha this morning to train. He's been working out on his own for the last month and this week he'll be doing some hardcore training out there. Nothing set in stone. Just training. He won't be home until Sunday night... hopefully I don't go into depress mode LOL I'm sure I won't... these kids keep me on my toes and not having him home will mean that I'll actually have to do stuff! But he did ask the kids to help me while he's gone. Nana and Fatboy were really cute about it. Shawnee didn't care, as usual. But I'm sure she'll be asking for him soon. She's so attached and we actually have had her home all week! She's usually with my sister in law doing whatever, whenever but she's been home since the end of last week. She hasn't been asking to "go to gamma house" in a while so that's a good sign! Haha.

Things have been good these last few days. Nothing crazy. My car should be fixed soon. Like, foreal this time! My Dad's been working on it for the past two weeks and it should be done. Now we can stop carpooling and using Sega and eVette's car to get everywhere. I still don't know how much everything is... but I'm sure my Dad will give us a little deal ;) HOPEFULLY!!

What's to come... we're really not sure. We did want to go to Vegas this weekend with some friends, just to get away... but that didn't happen. But I don't mind. We wanna take the kids to Disneyland soon... but I think they're gonna have to settle for Lagoon instead! Haha. Maybe I'll even throw in a weekend at a hotel somewhere in Layton! LOL. Oh geez.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


So... I haven't blogged for almost a month! I don't know what I've been doing... because I feel like I haven't done anything! I don't even know where to start...

Within the last two months things have been good... could be worse. The things that have happened have definitely given us A LOT to think about. In the end, we are TRULY blessed with the best.

Matt finally graduated from the U!! It was the most greatest, unforgettable experience that we will cherish forever... but we are little glad it's over :) It was literally the PERFECT weekend for all of us. We couldn't have done it without the help of our families of course... you already know how the Atiga's/Asiata's get down!! We threw a little party for him the day after graduation too... let's just say that after that party... we wanna find any excuse to throw another party! LOL.

Lots of our family and friends came out and had a good time. Lots and LOTS of food... which like ALL functions didn't go as planned but after all the arguing and yelling it turned out okay LOL. We had our good friend DJ Seanny Boy to ourselves all night too. Literally, hands down!

We also had the best of the best entertainment under one roof! Leave it to us to do something like that! :) My cousin Ame is the owner of Mohekonokono (MKK) and her dancers put on a good show! Certainly did set the mood and start it off right!

We also had TEHAMATA perform too! My long time friend Juaul started this group in Utah a while back and they're still going strong! I love watching their shows... always entertaining!

Of course we HAD to include the infamous TAGALOA!! Nana and I have been dancing with this group for a little over a year now (I think) and we LOVE every minute with these girls! It's always a good time when we're together. We have definitely come a long way and we're not planning on going anywhere!

Last month we had about four or five shows and each one was memorable in it's own way. It reminded me of how much I love dancing and all the fun I had dancing with my cousins when we first moved to Utah. Oh the memories and skinny-two piece days.... that I didn't get to experience because they started wearing two-pieces AFTER I had Nana!! Thank God! ;)

The entertainment wasn't too much and the timing was perfect. Left enough time at the end of the night for dancing! The food lasted all night and so did the music. I didn't realize how many pictures my sister took until I tried to upload them all... almost 300 pictures! Yea, we would! LOL. But I'm not gonna post them all so if you want to see them look me up on FaceBook :)

People still ask so I'll just give you the rundown really quick... in my own words of course because half of the terms the news uses I don't know what they mean! After the NFL Draft weekend we didn't get very much info. Right now, with the "lock-out" teams aren't allowed to draft any "free-agents" which is what Matt is now. So... what does that mean? That means we have to wait...wait for the lock-out to be lifted to see what options we have. There's still hope. It's just a matter of time. There are a few things we can do in the mean time, but the timing (for everything) is just, OFF. So right now, we're just waiting for something to happen. We do have a back up plan though so don't worry... PLUS I'm enjoying every second I have with my husband.

Just last night we had a little movie night and just layed in bed together with no inturruptions. It was nice. Different. Amazing. Perfect. We both woke up this morning and thought... "Last night just felt so right." I never want to take these small moments for granted. Whether it's watching a movie together, laying in bed together, walking out after work with him waiting for me with a big smile on his face, going home to three crazy kids that look homeless because they drove their Dad crazy all day and he just gave up. :) I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I really am blessed with the best. Family is everything to me. From my great grand-parents all the way down to my husband's nieces and nephews... I can't imagine my life without them. These past few months helped Matt and I realize how much we have and what the true meaning of life is. Being happy. Being with people we love. Doing things we love together. Just, everything. Yes we've been having car troubles for days... but we're still able to do what we do because we're all in it together. He reminds me everyday that everything we do, we do for each other and our kids... our family. I couldn't explain it any better than that. Well... maybe Fatboy's face in this picture can LOL

...I'm Obivously Superwoman...

When I say I'm Superwoman I'm referring to what my kids  think  I am. I mean most days I probably am.  But I'm sure I have ...