Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...comparing purses...

So this is the purse I'm currently using... currently meaning I will most likely switch out of this one by next month. But don't get it twisted... I usually buy purses if they're on sale or just get used ones from my sisters or cousins. Yup, that's how I do! Oh, but mine isn't ivory, it's brown. I've been obsessed with brown lately... well, not really but kind of. This purse, three tops, nude pumps and brown wedges that I just bought this weekend for $7 bucks!! Hah. They're cute. But anyway... while I was at work today I thought I'd clean out my purse since I had some cookie crumbs at the bottom... I wonder where that came from because I never have snacks! I know a lot of people blog about "What's in my purse" and I think it's cute... but I bet not everyone can say they have everything that I have... it's pretty funny but at the same time a given.

(Left to Right)
Hair Band Thingy... usually only needed when I have dance practice.
Ziplock full of Pretzels... quick snack for cravings at work.
Zebra Bag... bathroom necessities.
White Wallet... to hold my two IDs and debit card (haha).
Nail Polish... honestly, it's for when I get bored at work.
Blackberry... extra t-mobile phone for when I WAS on t-mobile and was having phone issues - I don't know why I still carry it around!
Dead iPhone... Matt's old phone... I don't know why I carry that around either!
Macadamia Nut Chocolate... for my chocolate cravings I usually get at 8:30am.
Diaper & Wipes... in case I have an accident LOL just kidding. That was actually left in there last night and I forgot to take it out.
Shawnee's Socks... this girl takes off her socks all the time... I think that was from the last time she took them off and we forgot where we put them!
Make-Up Bag... a MUST HAVE even though I never use it during the day.
Tresemme Hair Spray... to help with statics with my hair and teasing.
GAP PINK... a perfume that I wore in high school that Matt LOVES and I just recently switched back to.
Comb... to excute the teasing DUH.
Envelope... Matt's new debit card (because his old one is expiring this month) that I'm not giving to him until he realizes that his card won't work anymore LOL.
Black Mini Make-Up Brush Case... it only has like three brushes in it but I just keep it in there for Shawnee to play with.
MAC Studio Fix... for late mornings but mostly just to use the mirror.
Silver Hair Band... It's Nans... those things hurt my head!
2 Phone Chargers... both of which aren't even mine... they're for the two eeeeediots that I'm always with who KNOWS I have an iphone and STILL asks if I have the same charger as them!
Bracelets... that I can never find because I forget they're in my purse.
Rainbow Colored Glasses... those are Nans "play glasses" she likes to leave in my purse.
Pair of Earrings... that aren't mine but I use for emergencies when I forget to put some on before I leave the house.
Moisturizing Lip Care... for pre-lipstick applications.
MAC Lady Gaga Nude Lipstick... my new fav.
2 Lip Glosses... for the girls, Nana & Shawnee.

Sometimes I'll have food containers or opened snacks in there... which then leads me to the "cleaning out" of my purse. I actually just had to clean out my last two purses because I had li hing mui and sour patch sugar all on the insides of it. It's kind of embarassing when I have to pull out my wallet and dust red and white powder off of it and explain that I'm not a crack head who keeps my stash literally inside my purse. Anyways, totally random but just thought I'd share so you guys can compare or just see what a slob I am :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

...good thing gone bad...

So this weekend was crazy. A good crazy though. I think. But the highlight of my weekend was what happened on Saturday. I guess HIGHLIGHT isn't the right word either though.

Before I get into the madness, here are some pictures of me and the girls Saturday morning on our way to bowling...

So for a few weeks I already had planned to take one of my close friends, Cass, to get her hair done. She's actually my brother's girlfriend... which is of course how we met, but we've probably started hanging out within maybe the last two years or so. She's great. I can seriously talk to this girl about ANYTHING. She keeps it real and always helps me think/talk things out any time I need to. Funny, now that I think about it, she's probably the only person that I actually tell E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G to... which if you know me, you would know that I don't ever let anyone in. But anyways.... so we had hair appointments on Saturday. She's always been too scared to color her hair and I LOVE getting mine done (when I can) so I told her we'd go for her birthday.

I usually go to my cousin's good friend Saydee who works out of Taylor de'Shaw... but the last time i dyed my hair I tried this new girl and I loved her. She dyed my hair all black, which no one really got to see because that was during my MIA month... and I liked it. So did Matt, a lot actually. So we decided to go back to her this time.

Cass went first and her hair turned out exactly how she wanted. Cass has such beautiful hair... it's past her butt and it's always been black. She found a picture of what she wanted and we got it exactly how she wanted. It's nothing dramatic but you can tell that there's something different. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! And I'm glad nothing went wrong otherwise I would've felt sooooo bad for talking her into it. 
Here's a picture of Cass'... the first one is the color before adding the toner on it (which was an orange color)
and then the second is the finish product. It looks freakin hott when she curls it!
I'll have to get more pictures of hers when it's all done up.
Me on the other hand.... when it comes to my own hair color, I'm so indecisive... the same way I am with everything else in my life! I didn't know if I wanted to do black again or just fix my panel of gold that I already had or change the whole thing and go back to my auburn and streaks from my high school days. We ended up just fixing the gold that I had and nothing else. I specifically told her I just didn't want it gold but not WHITE blonde either. She said she knew exactly what I was talking about and we got started. But I also wanted to add an extra panel to the blonde so that we could see it a bit more and also add layers so that you could see the blonde more underneathe. Following me?

Well... we got started.... put the dye in and toner afterwards.... did the cut and then blow dryed........ for what seemed like an hour!! I blow dry my hair enough to know that it only takes not even ten minutes to dry. While she was drying it.... Cass and I were talking and in the middle of our conversation I stopped and said, "Is it just me or is my hair not drying fast enough because I swear it doesn't take me this long when I do it?!" Then she said... "I was just thinking the same thing, but I think it's my blow dryer." So we just kept going on with the blow drying and talking.

Then again, during mine and Cass' conversation, I see her brushing my hair out (still blow-drying) and turning around to pull out the hair from the brush... kind of hiding it while she was doing it. I didn't think much of it until I saw her do it again a few minutes later. Then finally she turned off the blow dryer and said... "Ummm... when was the last time you used box color on your hair?" And I said... "Well, like early last year... but you colored my hair last." I could already hear it in her voice that she didn't know how to get the words out of her mouth. That kind of shaky tone and a bit of studdering but more of pauses in between instead of repeating words.

Then she said "Well, the box color  that's still in your hair is making your tips break."

Then I grabbed the left side of my "blondes" and it was fuhreakin WHITE BLONDE and felt like damp seaweed!!!!!!! I couldn't even say anything... I just kept staring at it in the mirror as I was running my fingers through it and short strands on the ends came out on my finger tips. In my head I was thinking, "What the $@!!@#$$&***#@?!!!"

WHITE, NASTY, DRY but still a bit DAMPED, SEAWEED LOOKING STRANDS THAT WERE LITERALLY GETTING SHORTER BY THE TOUCH AT THE BOTTOM OF MY HAIR.!?!?!? I had SOOOOOO much running through my mind. I kept telling her that SHE was the one who dyed it last and I swear the last time we dyed it she put product in it to strip all that "box color" out?!? Then she kept saying "No, no, no." I was thinking... I've done my hair so many times that I'm pretty sure you left it in too long!!! What she was telling me at that moment was opposite of almost everything we did last time! OMG I was soooo mad!! And of course the "I've never had this happen to me before... I'm not sure what happened but I'm pretty sure...blah blah blah."

I just sat there and kept asking her questions but I could tell she was trying to hold it in. I didn't wanna be rude but I was so mad. I kept my cool though. Got up, paid and walked out. Cass was funny though because she just kept saying... "I love that color though!" :) She was cute about it but I seriously hated everything about it. All I kept thinking was, "I'm gonna have to put my hair up in a bun for the next month!!" and trying not to look at her (the hair stylist) straight in the eye or else I would say something I'd regret.

When I got home... I went in my room... pulled it out of the hideous pony tail I had it in... looked in the mirror and cried! I'm not even kidding. If there's anything I do before I go anywhere... it's fix my hair and put something on my face. I couldn't even touch it! I stayed in my room the rest of the night, I'm not even kidding. I showed Sega and eVette and tried not to cry while talking about it. Even Sega was like "I can hear it in your voice that you're about to cry." But they were being really sympathetic about it but then I just couldn't handle it anymore and went in my room again.

Matt came in like maybe an hour after I got home, sat next to me and without me saying a word, said "Wow, it's white."

"What the $@!!@#$$&***#@?!!!"

...pulled the blanket over my head and cried again. He slowly got up and left the room and never came back. I wasn't mad at him though... it just proved that what I didn't like, he saw just from looking at my hair that was in a bun!

Nan sat with me the whole night just laying in bed with me. She didn't know why I was sad but she kept asking me if I needed anything and to tell her when I'm ready to go to sleep. Matt even came in and asked her if she wanted to go for a ride to her Grandma's house... she just said "No, I'm staying with Mommy." It was really cute and actually made me feel a little better.

Oh ,but it didn't end there... Tess came home a few hours later and asked if I was okay. I figured Sega had already told her what had happened. Then I took my hair out again and showed her. I started telling her what happened and cried again!! Holy cow!!??? Do you know anyone who cries this much over their own hair?!?!?! Seriously. I have issues.

The more I looked at it, the more I found I hated every thing about it. The WHITE BLONDE I DIDN'T want. The layers that I did want didn't show any of the blonde because the blonde was now A LOT shorter than it was suppose to be. Instead of cutting LONG LAYERS like I asked (keep the length but layer above it) I now had SHORT HAIR AGAIN barely passing my SHOULDERS!!! The length I've been working on for the last YEAR was now GONE! Seriously?!?!? Could it get any worse????

Actually, it can. She said I couldn't use any heating products on my hair and deep condition every day for about two weeks. FIRST OF ALL, have you seen my hair?!?! I can't NOT use heating products! Hello?!?!? Talk about dry and not even straight or curly... that's so not cute without using a flat iron. And SECOND, deep conditioner is NOT CHEAP and by the end of the first week I won't have ANYTHING LEFT to deep condition!! When she told me that I looked at her and said, "So I'm suppose to wear my hair in a bun for the next two weeks?!?!"

So... I've been deep conditioning... and I still straightened my hair except for the blonde strands underneathe... well, what I have left anyways. It's driving me nuts. The only good thing about it is that it's literally underneathe so you can't tell unless I pull it out over my shoulders. But the length still bothers me completely.

So that's my story for the weekend. Am I being dramatic... YES (and I don't care) but if you know me you know that my hair is one of the first things I actually put effort into every morning (even though it may look the same everyday!). Trust, I will be fixing this coconut husk the first chance I get!!! THEN we'll talk about it again! :)


But here are some more pictures from Saturday morning... BEFORE the disaster. We took the kids to Sega's work event at All Star Lanes that morning where we got to bowl for free!! Thank you Qwest!! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

...just doing us...

So......... Matt's home. I have to say, things have been pretty good these last couple of weeks.  The kids are healthy and growing by the minute.

Nana has a few months left of school. I seriously can't believe it. It feels like not too long ago we were just walking her into her first day of Kindergarden! She loves school though. She's always wanting to learn new things and always wanting to do something productive. Her newest thing is she's learning how to color like her Dad. It's cute. For some reason Matt (still) loves to color and a few Sundays ago we bought the kids some coloring books to keep them occupied during sacrament meeting at church. Tell me why I should've bought four! Matt colors with them!! It's really cute though. But just yesterday, he sent me this picture while I was at work...

...and it came with "We're having a coloring contest... which one is the best?" I couldn't help but laugh because he was so serious. I chose the first one (which was his by the way).  But Nana's is the far right one... pretty good huh? It might not seem like a big thing but it really is... for us anyway. She picks things up so quick it's amazing.

Fatboy has actually been having a rough week. Most of the time I don't bother with him too much because he likes to do his own thing. I do usually end up having to shut him up when he starts telling "stories"... gosh this kid has big ears! Seriously. He can hear your conversation from a mile away and REMEMBER it! One of those conversations that only "stays in our house" but he likes to repeat it when my parents come over! Trust me, once my parents know it's gonna be a good story, they just keep asking questions. That's Fatboy. But on Monday Matt took him to get his shots for school. He got five!! Being the greatest mother ever, I never took him to get his shots after he was born. So now, thanks me (haha) he has to get like twelve before he starts school! Yup, I'm the best! Matt has a video of him when he got them... it's so sad. I seriously almost started crying. I was so glad Matt was there to take them and not me. But later that night, he was so sick. He hardly ever gets sick, which made it even more sad!He just laid in bed for most of the day while Matt and my Mom took turns playing nurse. Then yesterday, Matt took them to the park and..... he fell off the swing! Not just a "trip over your foot" fall... It was a "fell backwards and almost did a back flip but didn't and landed on my neck" fall. Gaaaal, we're seriously such bad parents. Matt said it was one of the most scariest moments of his life. He paniced a little but tried not to make it seem like a big deal in case it would freak Fatboy out. He ended up being okay but last night he started complaining that his neck was hurting really bad. Scared me a little... but he said he doesn't wanna go to the hospital. We're just waiting it out a bit to see if it's just bruised. He seemed fine this morning though... but we'll see how he feels by the end of the day.

Shawnee... OH.EM.GEE. She is so attached to her Dad it's not even funny! Last night we went to get ice cream and Matt got up to pay the bill. Not even two seconds later Shawnee walks over and says "Where's my Dad?!" in this really sad voice. I was like... Seriously Shawnee?!?! She's too much that girl.
Oh and don't worry.... she (still) doesn't listen... even more now than before because now it's not just her Grandma and Auntie that let her do what she wants.... so does her Dad! I should post video of her doing her dailies.... eating, yelling, sleeping...eating, yelling, sleeping. The life.

Matt and I have been spending a lot of time together. I love it. But I love it even more that he's home with the kids so much. He's still working out and getting some training in here and there but only for a few hours. By mid day he's home with the kids... coloring :) He probably text me at least once a day to tell me how much he's attached to them. He's always been but in a different way now and he loves every  minute of it. Sega and eVette joke that he's Mr. Mom... but it's true. I love that I get to go home to him everyday... and know that we'll be going to bed together and I'll still be waking up to him right beside me. I love watching him color with Nan... and doing tahitian moves up and down the hall with Shawnee. I never thought me coming home to him playing videos games would ever be a great ending to my work day. Is that so weird? But of course he knows that when I'm actually home, the game is OFF! :) The littliest things he does for me just means so much... even though he's done it before and it didn't seem like a lot. I'll come home and our laundry is done... or our bedroom is clean... or Nana's homework is done. Like just the other day we got home and the entire house had been vacummed! It was funny. Sega even had to ask twice!

I can honestly say that I am less stressed these days... LESS as in not as much as before. I'm just happy that my family is healthy and we're all together. I love that we spend as much time together as we do. Having our extended family around is a major blessing too. I can't ever thank them enough.

What's to come.... hopefully our house warming party... Fatboy's 5th birthday... Nana starting 1st grade... Shawnee's 3rd birthday (maybe time for a new baby?!? HAH! Yea right!!)... a possible future for my husband to do what he LOVES...and for me to enjoy every second of it all!

...I'm Obivously Superwoman...

When I say I'm Superwoman I'm referring to what my kids  think  I am. I mean most days I probably am.  But I'm sure I have ...