Monday, December 27, 2010 starts here...

I think all the craziness has finally stopped... somewhat... but it's definitely not the end. After our trip to Vegas last week (which I will have a separate blog for) and Matt's college career coming to it's final end, I think we're ready for some change. A good change. This week will be interesting. I've decided that I will definitely need to blog more often than not over these next few weeks to keep my head clear and not have a nervous break down. BRING IT ON 2011!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Have I really been MIA for the last two months?!? Probably.
Have I been doing it on purpose? Of course not.

Just last week my mom emailed me at work
(you know you're too busy when your mom has to EMAIL YOU AT WORK instead of just texting you) and said "Haven't seen you guys in a while. Miss you."
That's when I realized, holy cow I'm losing it!!

Do I work all the time? Yes.
Come to think of it, I don't think I've blogged about it...
Maybe about a month ago, I got a promotion at work! Yay me!!
But that obviously means that I'm more busy than before.
So when I'm at work... I'm working.
When I get home... I just want to be at home. You know?

I was also preparing for our TAGALOA dance recital that was last week Saturday.
Making costumes, practices, working out...
It was so much fun but I'm glad it's over :)

On top of all that...
We've been getting ready for our "post college" changes and what may come.
Well, I shouldn't say 'getting ready' because can you really be ready?!?
But we have been making progress.
I won't get into it... but I will say that it has been A LOT to think about
and it has been a bit stressful... for me of course.
(Apparently I am the one who does most of the stressing in the relationship)

I feel like I'm constantly racing against a time clock.
Like I'm always doing something but never accomplishing anything.
Like I'm always needing to do things by a certain time and not because I've procrastinated
but because they need to be done at that very moment.
Is that confusing?
But I've been told I can be a bit crazy so that could be just it!

And in the middle of all this... my kids are either with me going crazy...
or spending time with either one of our extended family.
Of course we've been spending time with them but I sometimes think
"Am I spending enough time with them?"
"Am I doing enough?"
"Am I a bad mother for being away from them for so long?"
But then again... it's just me over-analzying........ again!
But they're healthy!! :)

Nana's enjoying school and did such a great job at our recital!
I still can't believe how much she's grown.
Oh and I've realized that she is starting to talk just like me!
And whenever the "adults" are having a conversation...
A few days later, she'll remind me of what we were talking about!
That's when I tell her...
"You know, if you keep listening to us... your ears will get big!"

Fatboy... we've determined that he is a PS3/XBOX junkie!!
You put in any game and give him a remote control... he'll tear it up!
No joke.
He can seriously play for hours!
The other night, he was online (whatever that means)
playing against my brother and his friends.
One of his friends said "Who the heck is killing me?!"
and come to find out... it was Fatboy!

Shawnee... is still.... a MONSTER!
We now joke that she is Nana and Fatboy's cousin
because she spends sooooo much time with Matt's sister, Sina.
If she ever decides to come home with us... it only lasts a few hours
and then she asks to "Go Sina!"
Not to mention... she always calls me Auntie and then looks at me and laughs.

Matt... still has my heart.
Just when I think I can't possibly love him any more than I already do...
I fall in love with him more and more everyday.
Of course we have our little arguments but who doesn't?!?
He'll be completely done with school this week.
He's accomplished so much that even though it seems like the end...
it's just the beginning.
I'm so proud of him and all that he's been through.
All that we've been through together.
We're looking forward to what's next and we know it won't be easy
But it's what we've been working towards and it's finally here and we're ready!
Ready for something new...

So it's not that I've been MIA because I'm a crazy mother who works too much and wants to shut everyone out...
I've just been trying to do me... me and my family.
Of course I haven't been "in hiding" either... because we have had a few "date nights"...
but I've just been doing things on "Tangi's Time" instead of...
on CRAZY MODE like I usually am!

And I've actually attempted to blog almost every night last week... but couldn't.
Mainly because by the time I sat down to do it...
I'd fall asleep.
But! I'm going to get better...

Next stop... VEGAS BABY!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010


This is a little late but I've been just a little busy these last few weeks...but my birthday was last month and OH.EM.GEE was it a good day! LOL. I got to work with all of this all over my office! I still have no idea who's idea it was to surprise me with Bieber but it actually was a nice touch.
I seriously thought the whole thing was done by my manager and director...until I got to my desk and found post-its everywhere! This one was at the top of my cupcakes! I already knew who that hungry person was! :) It was all too cute though. Apparently, my sisters went up to my work the night before and decorated everything and then my boss(es) added even more decorations that morning!

But I think that was one of the best, nost unproductive, sweet eating day-ever! But I enjoyed every minute of it! After a morning of laughter and tons of picture taking...My sister, her boyfriend and Robyn came to visit me. Totally unexpected! Being that they feel as if they're driving to Provo anytime they have to drive to my work! They came in with a bag of my favorite goodies and a venti caramel mocchiatto a.k.a. my "venti heart-attack" as some people like to call it...which would be my second one that day because my boss had one waiting for me the moment I came into work. Seriously.... I think I was mocchiatto'd OUT after that and didn't have one until the following week! Probably about an hour later my "twin" Tessi came up and brought me lunch :) Even though she knew I had all these treats laying around everywhere and a very tight skirt on that day... she brought me lunch anyway! Oh and she over did it with four gift cards to Starbucks just for me!! Can you say addicted much?? Holy cow!

Just when I thought I was done for the brothers showed up! Yes, Muka and Rob! The two big dummies themselves! :)And yes they did show up in sweats and their nappy roots! The best part...they acted as if they had never seen an office before! In their pigeon accents and loud tones: "Tang, dis is wea you work?! Must be nice!"..."What is this? Can I use it or wat?"..."So what you think you bad or wat?!".... Yes, the list of questions and smart comments went on and on. My manager just sat back and laughed the whole time they were there! They were definitely unexpected being that they were suppose to be in school at Snow College that day! I seriously thought they were on something...sometimes when you talk to them you actually think that they are!The boys brought me an ice cream of my favorites! But I think that about over did it being that we already had cupcakes from my sisters, a half sheet cake from my boss and a pan of brownies from my girl Haylee! Seriously!! Cake-Overload!!

Just when I thought that should be it for the friend from the Front Desk comes back and says I have another group visitors! All I could say was "no!! no more!!!" :) I swore that I would get fired on that very day because of all the visitors that kept coming... its a good thing I'm good at what I do and got everything done! Hahaha... I'm just sayin'! Sega and Evette were the next two... these two are the best!! Some of you might already know but I don't have very many close friends. Everything I do and whatever I do, I do with mine or Matt's siblings and these two are like sisters to me. Especially Sega. She's been there for me throughout most of Matt and I's ups and downs. Of course she's always on my side because I'm always right.... AHAHAHAAA just kidding!!...but really though, I love my sister in laws to no end. Matt's other sister Sina wasn't able to come up but she is another one that holds a special place in my heart. I think I've mentioned it before but Sina is Shawnee's second Mom. She has helped me with the kids ever since I've been working. She is one person that I can trust and rely on when it comes to making sure the kids are where they need to be or if I need a last minute babysitter. I am truly blessed with the greatest in laws :)
So this is what Sega and Evette brought me. It's a few things that remind them of me. Evette brought the oreo mcflurry - my favorite. And Sega... well, she brought everything else. TWIX because I LOVE them! LATE PILLS because I'm always late everywhere and every month! PREGNANCY TEST because....well, you should know! Haha. And condoms...even though I told her it's her brother who can't keep his hands off me! ;) That girl is too much...

So those were pretty much my visits of the day! There are more pictures below but the best part was my evening surprise. Matt wasn't included as one of my "day visits" so I for sure thought he had some great plan for after work... but instead, when he got home he had a brilliant idea of going to his moms to "hang out". So we did. For about an hour and just stared at each other. Great plan, right? Well, mind you this is the same night of the "Utah Blizzard" and all of a sudden he wanted to go to the mall. I was thinking, "Okay forget about any surprises because he for sure did not plan anything by the way things are going!" Long story short, we went to the mall and found nothing but closed stores...then ended up at Olive Garden because I was starving!!

So while we were there, I was just a little annoyed that he didn't have anything planned since everyone else except him, my own husband, didn't come and visit me at work that day. I know, I'm such a brat. But I really did feel like he didn't wasn't putting any effort into making a "special hour" for me and him the way everyone else did. So we had kind of a quiet dinner with less talking and more of me stuffing my face with soup, garlic bread and shrimp. By the time we were done, or I was done I should say because he hardly ate a thing, I was ready for bed. During the quiet ride home I almost fell asleep and just asked him to take me home first and he could go get the kids from his moms. So as soon as we pulled in at home, he got out to walk me in. Remember, I'm still a bit annoyed at the whole "no plan" thing with him... as soon as we walked in and turned on the lights, I looked up and saw everyone standing in our kitchen yelling "Surprise!!!!" :)

OMG it was totally unexpected!!! I turned to look at my husband, who still had the sad look on his face from when I was complaining about him earlier and almost cried! He looked at me and said "This is why I didn't come today..." I felt so bad!!! But come on, I know you guys would feel the same way right?!?! Or am I just really a brat?? Gosh that's sad.

But that day ended even better than it started... it seriously was a really good day. It's funny because just a few days before that I was having a really rough time with things... I was just thinking about how much I work, how long I'm away from my kids, how much Matt is away from us because of football and I just felt like nothing I was doing was worth anything. Seriously. But after being with the people I love and being surrounded by them on that day, made me think that I really have the best family ever. That I wasn't alone. That even though I was having a rough time, all I needed was to be around them and everything would be okay. I love my family to no end and would do anything for any one of them. They each hold a special place in my heart and sharing my birthday with them was the best feeling ever.

Okay after my novel, I'm done now. :)

...we did take pictures of the party but for some reason I can't find them on my laptop :)...

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