Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...that much closer...

After having an emotional morning on Sunday (my last post) I got the best surprise! The kids and I were home with their Aunties just hangin out... waiting around to take a trip to Ikea. Matt and I were texting here and there throughout the morning but I didn't hear from him for a while and then... HE SHOWED UP! :) I love when he does that!

He would always try to surprise me all throughout high school and even a few times when we first got married but I'd always figure things out. Lately, he's been pretty good about doing things without me "figuring it out". I love it.

My parents actually showed up at the same time he did and walked in the house making noise (as usual) and then one of them said I had a surprise visitor... and in walks the most handsomest, now a little darker, guy I know! My husband. It was the most amazing feeling ever! Especially after waking up the way I did and crying my eyes out a bit before getting out of bed that morning.

Every moment he wasn't in sight, I would see him again and say "You're still here." He'd just laugh. It was a little weird that we had a man in the house... it's been us girls for the last two months... and Fatboy of course.

I didn't really sleep any better. Well, I did because I had him next to me but I still kept waking up in the middle of night. Probably to make sure he was really there and I wasn't dreaming. He only stayed for a few nights. He left for Indianapolis this morning. He'll be back on Sunday though, for good. We tried to spend every minute we could together with the kids and family. This week is going to be a good but tough week for him. The last two months of training, the last five years of college football, the fifteen years of dreaming and  waiting for this very week to come... and it's finally here. I'm so proud of him and all his accomplishments thus far. All the trials and downfalls that he's been through and what we've conquered together... no regrets... I wouldn't want to share it with anyone else.

After this week, we have so much more to look forward to. Ioana is growing so fast we seriously can't believe it! She picks things up so quick she's constantly surprising me and her Aunties. Fatboy will be starting school in a few months and I know having his Dad home means a lot to him. Not to mention he always asks "How many sleeps until my birthday Mom?" We're still thinkin about it but we might spend his birthday at Encridible Pizza or have a BBQ at our new home. Shawnee... she's growing too fast. She keeps us entertained for sure. She's got a mind of her own. She's definitely a mix of our personalities. She's gonna be three this year! This would be right around the time my family tells me "Shawnee's getting old, we need a new one." As much I get baby hungry when I'm around new babies... I look at Shawnee and think "Oh heck no, not again!" But honestly, I'm sure we will... much later though.

We're also looking forward to a House Warming Party that Sega and eVette are going to plan... well, me too but I think Sega's more excited about it than we are! The house is coming together very nicely. The kids rooms are just about done. Sega and eVette's suite is coming together. And my room... I'm just happy I'm gonna have someone to sleep with soon! But I do have a few things to do still. I bought a huge mirror to hang up (we seriously have like twelve mirrors in our house!) and I'm still working on putting my bed together... I'm doing like a dark silver and purple sheets and pillows! I'm so excited!!

But anyway, so this is where we're at today. I serioulsy love my life and everyone in it. I find myself not stressing as much anymore... taking things as they come has helped me get to this point I think. Keeping away from drama and just doing "us" is what's keeping me happy and I love it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011 more week...

I've just realized that I haven't been sleeping through the night lately. I usually stay up late because of the kids but it's pretty much normal for us to go to bed late. We've always gone to bed late and I usually do sleep through the night unless the kids wake me up or something. Lately I've been getting up maybe once or twice in the middle of the night and I'll just lay there and stay awake for maybe ten minutes and then finally force myself to sleep again. It sucks. I told Matt about it this morning and I think it's because he's not here with me. I miss him more at night and then I think just waking up in the middle of the night to him not being next to me makes it worse. I can't wait 'til he's home... having him gone for this long just makes me wonder how other wives in this same situation handle going through this. Husbands out in the military, army, etc. Husbands being away for work, weeks at at time. Mine is only for two months! We've never been separated this long before and I seriously never want to be separated this long again. I'm not complaining (but I am a little) because I know this will be worth it in the end. This is what we've been waiting for all these years and missing him is not going to break this. One more week. One.More.Week.

Friday, February 18, 2011 weakness...

So bad, yet so good.
Should I be? Of course not.
 Do I? Always.
Am I addicted? Probably.
Do I care? Not really!!
Love Me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

...freakin anxious...

I just realized how much most of my blogs are about my husband... can you blame me?!?! Haha. I should stop... soon... but until he comes back you'll pretty much be getting an ear full about it! This week is actually going by really quick for me, which is good but I think after today everything might slow down again... or just seem like it is.

So, I've been thinking this whole time that Matt has about three more weeks left... apparently it's less than that! He'll be home next weekend!!! Can you tell how anxious I am!?! This means that he'll actually be here... I'll wake up to him every morning... I'll come home to him every day after work... and he'll stay up late with his kids!! I almost wish I didn't know about him coming home early because now I'm gonna get my hopes up and think about it every second and my days will drag... forever. No lie. He'll probably be playing taxi for a while when he gets home. I was also thinking that I need to step my game up! I just skyped him not too long ago and he's freakin skinny! Hahaha. I told him to send me some of those drugs he's taking so we can match when he gets home because ummmmm... yea! But anyways, there's my short blog for the day... if you need me, I'll be too busy smiling away up until next weekend... then you won't hear from me for a few days ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

...still love me some him...

Matt and I are still separated... well, not that kind of separated but the long-distance, separated. I hate it. I don't know how my parents did it for nine  years! My Dad worked in Hawaii and came back every weekend for nine years. Crazy, right?! Matt's been gone for almost two months... I know, I'm pretty lame for complaining because I'm sure other couples have been separated a lot longer than we have. It's just hard because we're not use to it. But like I've mentioned before, we've been working towards this for most of our time together and it's finally starting to happen... well, this is only the beginning and we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

For the second time since he's been gone, I flew out to LA to visit him. I don't know if I mentioned this before... but he's pretty much got it made out there. There were a few times that I was tempted to just pack up and move out there for two months but who does that?!?! Not so smart, so I didn't. He has his own apartment that he stays at and of course a car to get around... you would think he was single or something.

Whenever I'm out there, I seriously have no worries in the world. I'm probably more relaxed just visiting there than I am anywhere else. I love it. I think just being away from him makes me worry about so many different things and then the worldly stress starts taking over from there and all hell breaks loose and Matt has an ear full of complaints and worries all day and all night, from me. I know, I'm just so great! But when I'm there and I'm with him... I feel like we can take over the world.

The kids keep me occupied after work hours of course... and so does our new home and room mates. I don't miss him as much when I keep my mind busy with things... but at night, it sucks. Again, thank goodness for SKYPE! This is what I wake up to in the middle of the night...

It's the closest I get to sleeping next to him when he's not here. I actually don't mind it but the real thing, is my most favorite place in the world, no lie (he'll probably hate that I put that picture up). Skyping actually makes it seem like he's home with us. We'll sometimes leave it on at night while the kids and I are watching TV or talking. The other night we had it up while we were eating dinner. The kids love it!

But this past weekend was exactly what we both needed. All this time away hasn't been the best situation for either of us. It's even brought up a few things that we had to really think about. Again, not the best situations but we've definitely grown from it and being together this weekend just helped us realize how in love we are. How much we love US. He came home to visit a few weeks ago and even then we were having our up's and down's but we still enjoyed each others company during that time. I think it's different when we're together and together with the kids and our family... as compared to being together alone. I guess we hardly have moments like those anymore and when we do, we tend to really "see" each other, you know? I don't know how to explain it but that's kinda how I feel about it all.

 Anyways, he has about three more weeks away and then he'll be home!! I can't wait!!! Our first night that we slept here at our new home, he was in town and we actually got to share our first night here together. But that was his first and last night here... the kids and I have pretty much been enjoying our new home without him. He's really looking forward to coming home and enjoying it as much as we do. I'm so looking forward to him staying up late with the kids so I can actually sleep more than six hours every night! I remind him every night and he says he can't wait to either. Whoever thought that you could miss staying up so late with kids who seem like they're on crack til 2am every night! We've actually tried to get the kids on a schedule. Auntie Sega tried putting them on a bed time schedule and have them sleep in their own rooms. I think that lasted about a week but we're still working on it. I was never on a bed time schedule when I was growing up so it's a bit weird for me too. The first night the kids did it, I almost cried in my room. I know, I'm still pretty lame. But we all got through it and now we're pretty much over it... but still trying!

We're so excited for what's yet to come. There's not much we can do but take it one day at a time like I've been saying... but right now we're just missing each other. I'm sure when he gets home we'll enjoy each others' company and might end up annoying each other but I'd rather have him annoy me while he's in the same state as me, rather than being a thousand miles away. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

...quick update & more to come...

So much as happened over the last three weeks... well, over the last month I should say. To make a long story short, we got out of this...

and now enjoying every second of this...

Yup! The Asiata Klan are now residing in Woods Cross, Utah and lovin' it!!

I don't know if I ever blogged about it but since Matt's been done with school, our financial situation has I should say. And since then, Matt and I decided that moving out of our apartment would save us a lot of money and add some extra perks.

My in laws (who are also my babysitters remember??!!) moved out to Bountiful unexpectedly and so... we basically moved to be closer to my sitters! I know, have you ever known anyone to do such a thing?!? Well, now you have.

It's still a little weird that we're so far out of our "home town" West Valley... but it seriously is a great place and we're loving it so far. Matt's family live close to the Bountiful temple... and we're across the ways in Wood Cross. It's close, but not too close, which is good!

We're living with my sister-in-laws Sega & eVette... and I still can't thank them enough.
Even Matt's other sister Sina and her husband who are always watching the babies.
Did I ever mention that I have thee best in laws?!?! Because I do.
It's funny because even when we lived down the street from my parents,
they hardly ever stopped by.
Since we've moved, I think they've come over every other day... just because...
and trust me, it ain't just down the street from West Valley!
But they say they don't mind the drive and we LOVE having them over so it's a
win/win situation for everyone.

Here are some recent pictures of the babies on Pizza Night...
they made pizza for dinner :)

Matt is still in California. I actually went to see him this weekend! I'll blog about a little more on that later. But he's doing well. He's enjoying his training and looking forward to what is to come. Being there has also led him to spending a lot of time with his extended family that's out there. He is originally from Santa Ana and a lot of his parents' siblings are still there.
They've probably seen him more in these last two months than they ever have his whole life.
He has about two more weeks until he's home with us again.
I'm not gonna lie, it seems like he's been gone for like a year! But I'm glad it's almost over :)

Nana started at her new school last week and LOVES it!
Fatboy... is still Fatboy. He'll be starting school in a few months - I still can't believe it!
Shawnee is still a monster and always will be I think.

I'm learning to take things as they come... one day at a time.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

...idiots week for sure...

So I'm pretty sure that this week, February 7th - February 11th, is IDIOTS WEEK!
Seriously people?!?!?!
If there's anything in the world that annoys me... it's people who don't use their brains.

Well let's see... people who:
- Want everything for free
(would you go to the mall and ask for things to be FREE???)
- Plan events and don't know what the hell they're doing
(are you seriously telling me how many ice cubes to put in each glass?!?!)
- Complain about how expensive things are
(I don't care who you are or who you know... you have money and you're paying for it!)
- Think i don't know how to do my job
(you're right... I've been here for four years and I'm just pulling this information outta my butt)
- Asks to speak to a supervisor even after I say "per my director"
(Good luck! You ain't gettin' much more than a "nice to meet ya!")
- I've talked to everyday for a week and then has the nerve to say "I haven't heard back from anyone"
(Are you effin kidding me?!?! So that 45 minute phone conversation never happened?!?)
- Ask why we charge for rooms even if they're only using it for four hours
(Go to the store and use an item for a few hours and ask them not to charge you for it!)
- Say "Why can't you charge me at the same price the other place charged me?"
(If that was case, I would go to every store and compare their prices to the Dollar Store!)
Ugh! The list could go on...

Really people?!? Really??
It's ridiculous.

...I'm Obivously Superwoman...

When I say I'm Superwoman I'm referring to what my kids  think  I am. I mean most days I probably am.  But I'm sure I have ...