Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...something in the water...

Over two months of no blogging?! That's pretty lame. Not that anything too exciting has happened lately but I really have been meaning to blog... a few times actually but I just never ended up doing it. I know, I'm freak'in awesome.

So the latest news... pretty much everyone I know is pregnant. Okay I'm being dramatic... not everyone, just a few people that I know. But still, it's pretty much everyone!! LOL My aunt just had a baby boy last week. She hasn't updated her blog in a while but you can read some of her stories here. He was two weeks early so he made it to his own baby shower. He is just too adorable.

A couple weeks ago, we found out that my cousin Leta (who is practically my sister who's marrying my brother in law in a week so she'll technically be a sister-in-law too I guess) is expecting! They're having a baby girl in July. Matt's birthday is in July so we're hoping she comes on his birthday. Oh, and he's convinced they're gonna name her Matty... ummm, yea. That was the FIRST exciting baby news we got.

Then just two days ago, we found out that my younger sister is expecting too!! Two babies in a few months, can you believe it?!?!?! She's due in November... and guess who's birthday is in November!!! LOL Yup! We're hoping she (yes, I'm calling her baby a SHE because I'm hoping it's a girl) comes on the 23rd so she can be born on thee greatest day of the year... my day of birth of course! LOL. Oh, and maybe, just maybe they'll name her after ME! Hahahaha. Wishful thinking!

Oh, it doesn't stop there!! Yesterday I found out that my other cousin and his wife are expecting too! (By this time I was DYING from knowing how many people are pregnant right now) Really?!?!? There HAS TO BE something in the water right?!?! Oh, but of course before I come on to blog, I was reading my dashboard and another friend of mine is pregnant too!!

Okay seriously... it's too much. I don't know if I've mentioned this in my previous blogs but I've been extremely baby hungry... like for the past few months. But Matt and I talked about it and we agreed that we should wait a few more months... maybe another year. Our baby will be 4 this year... she's practically 8 (no really, she swears she is)!! Nana asked Santa for a baby this past Christmas and Fatboy says he wants a brother. All three of them go nuts when they're around babies. Every month I try to convince myself that I just might be pregnant because I've gained a bit of weight... then that time of the month comes and I'm like FRRRIIIICCKKK well there goes that excuse for weight gain!

But when we found out about the first two pregnancies (my cousin and my sister), I was telling Matt... maybe this is "our baby"... the new addition to our family and a baby for us, but not for us you know?! Like the Lord knows we're not ready yet so he sent our family a baby to fill that little baby craving I'm having. But last week, my brother who's on his mission wrote and was telling me that I should have another baby. At first it caught me off guard because I never told him about my baby cravings or anything else. But I just wrote him and told him about our feelings and our plan and just left it at that. Well, now that everyone else is having a baby this year... I now feel the opposite. Like maybe it might be a good time for us to get pregnant. I know, it's crazy. I don't know what I'm thinking really.

As much as I want to fill that baby craving of mine... I know it'll happen when the time is right. I mean, we are kinda preventing pregnancy right now so I don't know why I keep thinking I am when I know I can't be.  Until that day comes, we're gonna enjoy what's to come and reap EVERY SECOND with these new additions. It's so exciting because now my kids will actually have cousins and not be the only grandkids within our immediate family. For six years my kids have been the only grandkids on both mine and Matt's side. After this year... they'll have two other cousins they'll share their grandparents with.

I would say our year is off to a pretty good start don't you think?!

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