Sunday, January 22, 2012


So...hopefully this year is better than last. Our year started off pretty well in 2011... maybe the first three months of it. Things just kinda got rough as the year went on. I'm not complaining though...what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. And so here I am...stronger. Or at least I think I am.

This year we're hoping and praying for something good...something better. I've said before...things happen for a reason so whatever happens, happens. We tend to take the long way when doing things in life...but we won't get into that because I'm pretty sure this will end up being a novel if I do.

So far, a lot has happened within the first twenty-two days of the new year...

We celebrated New Year's Eve at our ward dinner/dance. The kids had so much fun! We really love our new ward. We're hoping for a calling soon. Is that weird?! LOL 

Thanks to a few great friends/mentors Matt and I were able to go to the LAKERS game when they played the Utah Jazz here in Salt Lake. This guy was smiling from ear to ear ALL.DAY. Like really. He  LOVES the Lakers...for as long as I can remember. It was so fun! We had some great seats too! We tried to get Kobe's attention after the game...yup, 'cuz we're cool like that! But...nothing happened. Haha.

On January 14th, my little sister got married. Yup, MARRIED! Doesn't she look gorgeous?!? My mom and I threw her a little bridal shower the week before. It was perfect. I'm pretty good... I mean, WE... we're pretty good. Haha. We had tons of family and friends there to help celebrate her special day. I was so happy for her. It's still hard to believe how grown up she and the rest of my siblings are getting. Like, really. I'm so happy for her and all that's to come. I wish her nothing but the best for this new chapter in her life. I kinda feel like we've grown a lot closer than before. Which is a good thing. I wasn't the best sister growing up but now that I'm older, I feel like these are the times when I actually need a sister and need to be a sister, you know? Does that sound a bit crazy?! Regardless, I'm excited for what the new year will bring her.

On January 22nd... Ioana-Fualole Tangiofakihinano Ku'uleialoha Atiga-Asiata turned seven. SEVEN!! I can't believe how old she's getting. We definitely had a fun-filled weekend for her. Her last birthday, we had a sleepover with about eight girls. I vowed never to do that again. But this year, she asked to do it again. OMG was all that came to mind. But I figured, since she and her friends are a bit older, it wouldn't be so bad. So, sleepover it was. We had about fourteen kids over on Friday night. Yes, fourteen. But because I have thee most awesome family EVER...everything was easy breezy. The girls had tons of fun! We did make-up, hair, nails, games, movies...even a little camp out for them in our livingroom. My mom even came over the next morning and made a heavy breakfast for everyone! The party was suppose to end around noon on Saturday morning...ummm...I think the house finally emptied out at around 8 that night! As noisy as it was on those two days...Matt and I were just happy knowing that Nana had a great time with some of her closest friends and family. Oh, and yes that's her Dad in those pictures playing make-up with the girls. They all raided him as soon as he sat down. Blush, eye shadow, bronzer, mascara....the whole works! Not to mention, while painting his face they all were singing at the top of their lungs to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Yup, so was Matt. LOL

The rest of this year...I'm praying will be better than last year. The latest news...Matt will be leaving to Minnesota again in April. He signed on with them earlier this month...another exciting day for us of course. It hasn't hit home yet because he's still around and won't leave for a few more weeks. Trust me, we're soaking up every second we can. We're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I've been slacking on the blog updates but I'm sure when he leaves I'll be on here every week like I was last year when he was gone.

We'll see what 2012 has in store for us. Whatever it may be, we're ready. We're getting back on track this year. Like literally, back on track. Bring it on 2012...


  1. A very nice start to a brighter 2012!! Cheers sistah!! =)

  2. You have such a beautiful family! Congrats to you and Matt on the signing...that's awesome!


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